A puzzle app is fun but can also be quiet educational for kids.  We have this great list of the top 5 puzzle apps for your little one.  Kids Activities Blog thinks these are some of the best apps for kids and we hope your kiddo agrees!

Best Apps for Kids: Puzzle App {Top 5}

Puzzle App

Puzzles are a great way for kids to learn about shapes and sizes, develop problem solving, sequencing, spatial awareness and creativity. Here are five of my family’s favorite puzzle apps. We love using these on the go – they are great for when we are waiting at the doctor’s surgery or at a restaurant waiting for our meal.

Top 5

Shapes and Puzzles by Pirate Trio from Pirate Trio. (Ages 3 – 6 years). We have tried several apps from “Pirate Trio” and unlike some apps which are popular for a week and then never used again, the Pirate Trio apps are selected time and time again. With 200 puzzles included, “Shapes and Puzzles” has it all – tangrams, shape puzzles, and pattern blocks. Children learn the names of various geometrical shapes as they use them to build buildings, cars, trucks, animals, plants, people and more.

Shape Builder – The Preschool Learning Puzzle Game from Darren Murtha Design. Offering 158 puzzles of a wide variety of objects from musical instruments, to fruit and vegetables, and even letters of the alphabet, this app definitely makes learning fun. Shape Builder is great for younger kids (my son enjoyed this one at 3 years old). Kids move the the puzzle shapes into place over a   silhouette of each puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, the image is revealed. My son loves to guess what the silhouette might be.

Transport Jigsaw 123  from Giggle App Kids and Educational Games Pty Ltd. (Ages 1 – 6) With five difficulty levels to choose from, this app definitely has longevity and has been a popular one with my son for a very long time. Younger kids can start with a simple two piece puzzle, and then work their way up to the advanced sixteen piece puzzles. The different levels of difficulty make this a great one for families with multiple ages siblings. The bright scenes and animation make this one fun and exciting.

Tangram Puzzles from PopAppFactory. Tangrams are such a great way for kids to learn spacial awareness, logical thinking and problem solving. This app is visually beautiful with its bright colors and clean simple background. Kids can choose to re-create a tangram picture following a template, or they can create original pictures by moving the geometric shapes across the screen. My son loves to watch rabbits, ponies, people and beautiful patterns appearing from the colorful shape combinations. This is a great one for encouraging concentration.

Puzzle Pop from Duck Duck Moose. (Ages 3+) Duck Duck Moose have a whole range of fantastic apps and Puzzle Pop is no exception. With twenty seven levels of difficulty there’s something for every age on this app. A full picture is shown briefly, before being split into an ever increasing number of pieces. Kids then slide the pieces back into place to reform the original picture. All the familiar Duck Duck Moose characters are here as well as the fun and playful background music that makes Duck Duck Moose so distinctive.

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What kind of puzzle app does your child enjoy?  What are their Top 5 favorites?  For more kids activities and apps for kids, you might be interested in some of these ideas:

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  1. My students love Shape Builder. Thank you for the suggestions on these other puzzle apps. I am going to look them up, too.