Simple Baby Games: Think Outside of the Box!

My son adores simple baby games.

In fact, he’s taken several boxes from around the house and tried to play this game again!  We’ve played spinning baby games with him before, but this was even easier to set up.  All I had to do was flip over a box.

Set up simple baby games

My one-year-old has learned the joys of working in the kitchen.  He LOVES to help us unpack groceries by throwing food all over the floor {sigh}.  I wanted to come up with some simple baby games so that I could quickly unpack the groceries while my baby played!

What You’ll Need for Simple Baby Games

  • A box with holes in the bottom (This is a yogurt box from Costco)
  • Ping Pong Balls (affiliate links)

Play simple baby games

It could not be simpler to set up this game, but it is my baby’s favorite way to play.  In fact, he got pretty creative after a few rounds…but, I’ll tell you about that later!

Note: If you can’t find this type of box , you could always cut holes out with a box cutter.

How to Play Simple Baby Games

  1. Turn the box over and place ping pong balls nearby
  2. Let baby practice picking up the balls and playing with the box
  3. Show baby how to put the ball inside one of the holes
  4. Let baby play!


After a few rounds of placing the balls in the holes, my baby turned the box upside down.

I love that he thought outside of the box {literally} and put his own twist on simple baby games.


Remember, baby games don’t need to be complicated to be FUN!

If you like this game, check out these fun baby games that will keep you and your baby playing together all week long!

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