A Complete Guide to Kids Chores

Kids and chores don’t always mix well.  But today we’re going to give you lots of ideas to get started motivating them and making cleaning fun!

We have something for everyone and every age.  If you are implementing kids chores at your house, this is the perfect guide for you.


Kids Chores

1.  Here is a huge list of chores for every age group from 2-14.  This is a fantastic resource to keep on hand and reference for ideas.

2.  Even toddlers can help around the house – and it’s good for them!  Let them feel like they’re contributing by giving them these simple toddler chores.

3.  Emptying the dishwasher is a good chore to start with and here is how to introduce that task.

4.  For your elementary aged kids, doing laundry is a chore they are definitely capable of completing.  At the beginning though, they may need a little assistance in the folding!

5.  This fun craft might inspire them to help out more.  Make them there very own chalkboard “mommy’s helper” apron to where while they do their chores.

6.  Here is round-up of FUN chores that your kids will love and not even realize they are helping.  I bet your kids will have a blast mopping in their socks and vacuuming.

7.  If you’re on the fence about giving out chores to your little ones, read about how doing chores can help with their math skills.  Counting and matching are just two ways that doing laundry is good for them.

8.  Here is how to make a colorful chore chart with paint swatches.  Give them stickers for each thing they accomplish and tally them at the end of the week for their allowance or a special treat.

9.  Use dishwashing as a teachable moment with these ideas like comparing shapes and sizes and which items are sets.

10.  If they really need motivation to clean, here are 10 ways to inspire them like playing music and hiding small prizes for them to find along the way.

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