Literacy Resources used in the Activity-a-Day Calendars

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learn to read resources Wondering what resources we are using in our Activity-A-Day “Learn to Read” Calendars?  Here are a bunch of our favorite resources that we use each month!


Homemade Learn-to-Read resources:

Phonics Flip Chart – Make this nifty tool to help your kids learn the way that letters sound together.  We have several.  Once for three letter words and another for blending consonants.

Letter Wheel – These are a great way to practice a specific family of words or word sounds.  We have a few of these one for each of the vowels to practice short vowel words and another for words that begin with typical blends like: “th-” or “sh-”.  We find them useful.

Story Cubes – We created a set of blocks with different words written on each face of the block.  Each time you roll a block you change a part of the sentence.   This is a great activity to use to practice and reinforce words your child already knows.

Word Card Game Ideas – Every other week we make a set of word cards.  This is a link to a bunch of the games and activities we do with that weeks collection of words.

Word Slides – This is a tool we created to help create new words, especially blending consonants together to form new words.

Short Vowel Hand Game – This is a spin-off of the cootie catchers from my JR high days, only this one teaches my daughter short A sounds.  We also made one to work on Short O and hope to make one for U later this month.  My kids love hands-on manipulatives.


Online and Free Additional Resources:

Starfall – Great online and free learning program.  All of my kids have learned their alphabet, sounds even a number of sight words with this terrific website.

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