Playing with Food

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One of the things I love about Pinterest is pinning things that I want to eat.  I am not the world’s greatest cook, so many of those things live on my board and in my dreams only.

That is where working with Hidden Valley came in!   They inspired me to take the things I was pinning and bring them to life in my kitchen with a twist.

Pin twist!

We chose three pins from my Kid Food board:

And then attempted them in my kitchen with the help of my three boys.

It was all a ton of fun!

A Vegetable Mural

The veggie skeleton started out as a skeleton and then was re-arranged into several non-anatomical versions of vegetable artistry.  I had never tried a food activity with my boys, but it really went well.

Making Veggie Skeleton with Hidden Valley

They got into creating a picture and before long everyone was munching on veggies.

veggie skeleton

Yes, I said everyone was munching on veggies.

That is not something that is a daily event at our house.  In fact, because I needed a variety of colors and shapes for the picture, we had many more veggies in our fridge than normal.  It was fun to see them try things they wouldn’t normally eat happily dipping them in Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing!

Veggie Mural Collage

As you can see we ventured into some other vegetable murals – house, car, pig and a very colorful flower!

A Fancy Backyard Picnic

Because only 1/3 of my boys will eat a sandwich for lunch, I have a little experience with searching for non-sandwich stuff to pack.  I had never really thought about sending a dip in the lunch {which now seems like an obvious idea} so this activity of creating a buffet within a lunchbox was really fun.

Fancy Backyard Picnic - Hidden Valley Ranch

Each of us made our own lunch.  I had set out a variety of pre-cut vegetables and little containers of Hidden Valley Ranch.  We also made custom tortilla rolls with meats and cheeses.

Making a picnic lunch together

We packaged them all up and headed for a backyard picnic.

Isn’t food fancier at a picnic?

backyard picnic

The bonus of a picnic outdoors is the crumbs can be left for the ants.

enjoying a backyard picnic

I liked that what we packed was tasty and colorful and something that will inspire me to be a bit more creative with my boys’ school lunches.

break from backyard picnic

Another good thing about picnics outdoors is that they are close to swings!

Breakfast for Dinner

We have been known to have breakfast for dinner, but more in a haphazardly-ooops-I-don’t-have-anything-for-dinner kinda way.  We thought it would be fun to have an omelet making bar so each person could create their own customized dinner.

omelet bar ingredients

I mixed up the eggs to pour into the muffin tins.

Actually, I had a little help with breaking the eggs.  Some of the help was successful.  Some of the help was less successful!

cracking an egg practice

On the ingredient bar were:  mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, spinach, green onions, tomatoes, cheese, cubed ham, and cubed chicken.  A shaker held Hidden Valley Seasoning Mix so each person could decide how much to add.

making omelets for dinner We assigned each family member a zone of the tin and went to work making what we wanted to eat.

breakfast omelet for dinner

They went into the oven at 350 for about 25 minutes {until egg sets}.

Then dinner was ready!

eating dinner

I served this with a simple salad and the omelets for dinner were a big hit.  This is definitely something that we will do again.

Keep Pinning and Start Doing!

What I learned through all of this is that the things my boys and I did that day were all pretty simple things!  I think it is easy to look at a board and get overwhelmed by the options, yet choosing one or two things to do in a way that is family-friendly can be a ton of fun.

You can find out more about our Pin-twist adventure over at  Not only are there pictures, but we made a few videos as well.  In fact, the first one is here with our veggie skeleton adventure. I hope you will check out all the tasty vegetable play!

Holly making salad

Thanks so much to Hidden Valley for sponsoring this post and working with me on this project.  My kids and I had a ball.  The boys have become salad dressing snobs and will only eat Hidden Valley!

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