LEGO Desk Organizer

Encouraging kids to make a LEGO desk organizer can help kids think about organization while playing. Kids Activities Blog thinks play and learning are perfect partners!

Lego desk organizer

Make a LEGO Desk Organizer

My son loves this fun and bright pencil holder that we made using Lego bricks. It has certainly added some cheerful color to his desk space. He has been using it as a pencil holder and also to store his rulers, scissors and other stationery.

I can see him making lots more of these for his room. They will be a fun way for him to store all those little treasures that he likes to collect.

Lego pencil holder

It was fairly simple to make, especially since we were using random colors and not trying to create a pattern of matching colors.

For the very top of the pencil holder, wee added a layer of thin Lego tiles. This just seemed to tie everything together and made it look neat and finished.

The layer of tiles did seem to make the walls more structurally sound as well. In the photo above and below, you can see that we also added a square tile to each corner. This didn’t serve any structural purpose, we just liked how it looked with this little detail.

desk organizer made from lego

As you can see from the photo below, our pencil holder does not have a base. This works fine for us as we don’t really move it around on the desk.

If you did want to include a base however, you could attach the organizer to a Lego base board.

Pencil holder made from Lego

There are so many possibilities with this activity. Instead of using multiple colored bricks like we did, you could try creating patterns or stripes of alternating colors.

It might be fun to perch your favorite mini-figures atop each of the four corners, or even make a few holders of different sizes so that you have a whole set of organizers.

They will really make a fun and colorful addition to your desk or playroom!

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