If You Give a Texas Mom a Sunny Spring Day…

If you give a Texas Mom a sunny spring day

she will ask you to find her a field of bluebonnets.

Bluebonnet Field

If you take her to a field of bluebonnets

she will definitely need her camera.

boy in Texas bluebonnets

After she locates her camera

she may even want to make sure her children are in coordinating outfits.

Two boys in bluebonnets

Once her children are in coordinating outfits

she may ask you to help her pose them in the bluebonnets.

Boy smells Indian paintbrush flower in bluebonnet field

After her children are posed in the bluebonnets

she might notice that SECURITY has arrived.

2 boys around Indian paintbrush in bluebonnet field

Once SECURITY has arrived

she will probably mention how UN-Texan it is to chase mothers from fields of bluebonnets.

Bluebonnet security truck

You might want to intervene before she gets carried away

and asks you for a lawyer.

Texas bluebonnet moms expelled from field

So you will carry her away

to find another field of bluebonnets...

New bluebonnet field

because it is a sunny spring day.

4 days later teeth whitening

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