Free childcare at Kroger!

As I was out and about today I called Shauna to see what she was up to.

Oh, I’m just grocery shopping…

With all three kiddos?

No! Gosh no. I dropped them off at the thing so I can navigate the store kid-free.

What? You dropped them off where?

The corral-thing. You know – at Kroger – where they keep your kids.

You mean the parking lot?

No! Inside – they have this area where you can leave your kids while you go shopping.

Is there adult supervision?

Of course! There is this sweet older lady who’s been here for years and she watches the kiddos while parents shop and then you pick them up on your way out.

That is freakin’ genius.

I know.


She Is Dallas Info:  The Kroger at 2709 Cross Timbers Rd on the corner of 1171 and 2499 in Flower Mound offers FREE childcare while you grocery shop!  Childcare is available from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.  Children must be potty trained.  No reservations needed.

The lady who runs the area is so sweet and says she loves seeing the regulars come in because they are all like her little grandchildren and she enjoys watching them grow up.  She’s been there almost 20 years and she says she is the only operating location in DFW for this service.  So next time you have to go grocery shopping and aren’t sure what to do with the kiddos, head over to Kroger and enjoy some downtime with just you, the cart, and your Venti (there’s also a Starbucks in the store!).

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