Easter Activity: Color Sort Easter Eggs for Preschoolers

This Easter activity practices fine motor skills, color sorting, and early literacy skills.  Kids will have fun with these color sort activities especially when colorful pom poms are used for Easter eggs.  Stay tuned to Kids Activities Blog for more great Easter activities for kids.

Easter Activity - Color Sort Easter Eggs

Easter Activity

Sorting things into groups is a form of classification. Classification is an important science and math skill that helps us organize things and see patterns. Have you noticed your child sorting things into groups based on color or shape? They begin to sort and classify naturally, but you can create opportunities to help them develop their skills even further.

With the addition of a clothespin, this sorting activity also helps practice fine motor skills.

Here’s the setup. Place a pile of pom poms {they will be our Easter eggs} and a clothespin next to your sorting tray. I used a paint palette for our sorting tray. Just use what you have on hand. You could use bowls or even paper {maybe shaped like an egg?}. To add a literacy element, label the tray/containers with color words. You could write the words in their corresponding color for some additional help.

Color Sort Easter Eggs for a fun Easter activity for Kids

Color Sort

Have your child use the clothespin to pick up an Easter egg {pom pom} and drop into the corresponding color container. Show her the color words. Read the words aloud.

Color sort Easter eggs {pom poms} for a fun Easter activity for kids

Easter Eggs

Another variation to try: Add numbers to the sorting containers. Have your child add the number of pom pom Easter eggs indicated by the container. You could combine color learning with counting here. {Example: Add 1 red egg to this container. Add 3 blue eggs to that container.}

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