{Easter Bunny} Cute Bingo Dauber Easter Craft

Kids can have a blast painting an Easter bunny with this cute idea.  This Easter craft uses just a bingo dauber to make dots of paint and some markers to draw on accents.  We hope you love this idea as much as we do here at Kids Activities Blog.

Kids can paint their own Easter bunny with this cute bingo dauber Easter craft

Easter Craft

What do you find therapeutic? My instant reply would be a cup of tea. Lately I have also found playing with my kids and getting down to their level most therapeutic. Spending time on the floor with my kids squishes my anxieties and nerves into the lightest puff of concern.

What do my kids find therapeutic? For the most part they love banging stuff, squishing stuff, jumping and crashing into stuff. Play comes in all forms and because play matters, we did the cutest Easter craft project where they could bang and squish to their hearts’ content.

Easter Bunny

Materials Needed:
• Bingo Daubers
• Paper
• Markers

Make an easy Easter Bunny with this Bingo Dauber Easter Craft Bingo Dauber

First, print loads of dots for your Easter bunnies using bingo daubers. Enjoy banging, and squishing those luscious dots all over the paper.

Next, using simple dots, lines and curves, add ears, eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, hands and feet to your Easter bunnies.

Bingo Dauber Easter Bunny Craft for Kids

So simple and so fun. I couldn’t resist and squished down a few cute Easter bunnies myself. It really is therapeutic! On top of this Easter craft project being fun and relaxing, you can use your cute bingo dauber Easter bunnies for Easter wrapping paper or Easter cards.

Easter Bunny Craft for Kids


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This Easter craft could also be used to make bingo dauber chicks, Easter eggs, and so much more.  Do you have any other ideas for an Easter bunny craft?  For more kids activities for Easter, you might want to look at some of these ideas:

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