Valentine Crafts: Catch the Sun

Valentine crafts are fun for kids to create and make cute decorations around  your home.   Try this cute project and catch the sun with these beautiful Valentine’s Day suncatchers!

We at Kids Activities Blog hope these hearts in your window will make your days a little bit sunnier regardless of the weather outside.

Fun Valentine crafts for kids: Catch the sun with these heart covered suncatchers!

Valentine Crafts

We loved this Valentine’s Day activity because it was easy, inexpensive and colorful. Plus using the hole punch worked my preschooler’s fine motor skills. The result is beautiful and is guaranteed to warm your hearts.


Valentine Craft Materials:

  • Heart shaped paper hole punch (any size you want)
  • Contact paper
  • Painters tape
  • Red, pink and white construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Stickers

Valentine Crafts Activities for Kids: Make a Suncatcher

Valentine Crafts Activities

Cut the construction paper into small squares, then punch the hearts from the paper.

Work with your preschooler if paper punching is new to him. This activity can be very difficult for small hands and fingers but great fine motor skill work.

Valentine Crafts for kids: cute heart suncatcher activity

Valentine Crafts for Kids

Place contact paper onto your table. Secure it with painters tape. Allow your child to pour, pinch, place, dump, shake – whatever method he chooses – the paper hearts onto the contact paper. Take time to explore the table and create a lovely design, together. I used this time as an opportunity to discuss “love”: What is love? What do we love in life? We also took this time to add stickers and medium and large paper heart cut outs.

Catch The Sun

To finish up the project, I cut out two hearts (one for each of my boys) from the contact paper and outlined it with sticker paper. Placing the hearts on the windows was lovely. The boys were so happy to see their work displayed and to see the light shine through their hearts.

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We hope you add this fun project to your child’s Valentine crafts this year.  What a cute way to catch the sun and bring a smile to your face at the same time.  For more great kids activities for Valentine’s day, we hope these ideas warm your heart:

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