Make Paint {2 Dozen Paint Recipes}

There are so many fun and creative ways to make paint.  We are excited to bring you 2 dozen of them right here.  Kids Activities Blog has been combing the net finding paint recipes for kids.

Thanks to everyone who linked up ideas to our weekly Kids Meme, It’s Playtime, every Wednesday afternoon.  I have not tried all of these ways to make paint, but most of them we have enjoyed getting messy with!

Make Paint! Here are 2 dozen paint recipes for kids

Make Paint

  1. Make your own paint – from eggs!  Crazy!  Totally not edible, but the jewel-like finish is awesome!
  2. Have a child who eats everything?  Try this yogurt and spices paint – perfect for young tots!
  3. Have leftover glue in those bottles?  Use it to create colored glue.  Kids can either squeeze or brush the colors.
  4. Create a colorful experience by freezing concentrated koolaid and using the cubes to paint with  – great for a hot summer afternoon!
  5. Want another edible color?  This recipe is made from leftover skittles – all you need are candies and water.  Perk: It’s a great sorting activity for the kids to do before crafting.
  6. Make puffy paint – the finished product is full of texture!
  7. Color-changing Milk-paint – this is a kids science experiment that keeps on giving.  After you watch the colors explode, paint with the remaining milk.
  8. Simple finger paint recipe – the base of this recipe is flour and while it is edible it does not taste good.  Great for training kids to not put paint in their mouths.
  9. Make paint from sweetened condensed milk – this is an edible paint that even your youngest tots can enjoy.  Just mix the milk and food dye.
  10. Who knew that food was for more than just eating!  Paint with chocolate for some yummy fun. 24 recipes to make paint for your kids
  11. Scented paints – these smell SO good, and using glitter adds a little sparkle to their creativity.  Perk:  Masterpiece doubles as a scratch and sniff artwork.
  12. Bubble Paint – This recipe is great for bath-time fun!  Making brilliantly colored bubbles is my youngest daughters favorite activity.
  13. Fizzing sidewalk Paint – this paint is best outside as you get to spray it when you are finished and watch the paint bubble and fizzle.
  14. Bathtub paint – We have made washable paints with both cornstarch & dish soap and with shaving cream – love how the kids clean as they play.
  15. Another Bath-time paint:  This tub paint is made from leftover soap and food dye.
  16. This Bath paint recipe combines the best of the Koolaide paint, the fizzing sidewalk paint and the bubbling Bath paint – it’s fizzing bath time!  Perk:  It sanitizes your tub as you scrub :)
  17. This is a simple finger paint recipe that we have tried and tested, from Red Ted Art – main ingredients are water and cornstarch.
  18. Pastel Colors – this recipe is similar to many others, it used flour and soap – my kids love the delicate pastel colors it creates.
  19. Make your own water colors using an old muffin tin and this paint recipe.  Perk: Your kids will make fewer spills with the tin – and you can easily “refill” depleted colors.
  20. Chalkboard paint – so easy to make!!  Use any paint that you have on hand.  Add a tablespoon of plaster of paris per cup of paint – you can have any color of chalkboard paint you desire!
  21. Shaving cream paint – explore “marbelization” by mixing colors of paint with this fun kids project.
  22. Freezer “pop” paint – paint with ice cubes of color!
  23. For older kids, try painting with Alcohol-based inks – the effects of working with a fast drying paint are interesting.  You need to spray or drip this paint.
  24. Is it Winter??  Try Snow paint – use food coloring or even soak old markers to create the dye.

What is your kids favorite way to paint?

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