{Tube Play} How we transformed PVC pipes into a “fall” wall.

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Has your child experimented with tube play?  Thanks to Lowes for their sponsorship, we got to play with these play tubes!  They are a great way for kids to have fun learning while being creative and having fun.   Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love to promote simple fun projects like this.

play tubes

Tube Play

Tubes + Kids = Hours of play!!

During the summer our kids love to play with water walls.   We have a collection of piping that they rig up and pour water through the pipes, making a lovely muddy mess in our “dirt pit”.  It is one of their favorite summer activities…. and now that it is winter they miss their “pouring” play.

Thank you Lowes and the Creative Ideas Network for inspiring us to create an indoor version of our favorite kids activity.  Also thanks to the random pin I saw ages ago… when I find it again I’ll put the link in here… it was a bathtub version of this.  If you saw it, let me know!!  Whoever you are who wrote that post, thanks for inspiring us!!


tube activity

Play Tubes

We got a variety of PVC pipe connectors and joints from our local Lowes.  We found that the 2 1/4 inch wide pieces were the easiest to drill through, easiest to pour through, and still economical – we made our entire wall with roughly 10$ in parts!!   This is the best time of year to go get the suction cups too!   After Christmas they go on sale – we were able to get them at 50% off in the Lowes Christmas Supply aisle.  Maybe you can too!!

tube walla tube wallb

Tube Activity

We drilled holes into the pipe connectors, matching the drill bit to the suction cup “fitter”.  You want the hole to be slightly smaller than the connectors on the suction cups.   We used a kitchen knife to help stuff the cups into/onto the PVC pipe fittings.  Once the suction cups are firmly inside the PVC tubes, they are really easy to press onto the window.


Our kids played with the tubes and beans for HOURS!!!  Thanks again Lowes for sponsoring this post.


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