Air Experiment (using Christmas Treasures)

Kids love hands-on science projects so try this air experiment with them.  Just grab a straw and pull out some leftover Christmas treasures.  Kids Activities Blog loves fun science activities like this!

christmas treasures

Christmas Treasures 

It is hard to let Christmas go. My son started stocking his treasure box with odd and ends leftover from Christmas just to keep a little bit of Christmas near. I suggested that maybe these odd and ends would make a fun science experiment.  He loves science and doing experiments so, he agreed that his Christmas treasures could be used temporarily for an experiment.

What Christmas treasures did we use?

Small gift bag

Empty spool from ribbon


Holiday napkin


Gift tag



We gathered the treasures on a silicone tray and talked about which objects he thought that he could blow with a straw across the table.  He picked each one up and weighed them in his hand.  Then he tried blowing on each object as he held it to see if it would move. He decided that the ribbons would be the easiest to move and the  gift bag would be the hardest.

air experiment with christmas treasures

Air Experiment

My son lined up the straw just beneath the ribbon on the Christmas bow. The wind created by his blow seemed to lift the ribbon up a little and helped it float across the table a little like a hovercraft.

learning about air with christmas treasures

In no time he had send the ribbon flying across the table.

My son was right.  The ribbon was really easy to move.

When we tried the small strand of ribbon, it didn’t fly as quickly. It did move, but it never had the lift that the bow did.

How did the bag do? I was very difficult to move. There was a lot of huffing and puffing to get it to move even just a little bit.

The other objects made it across the table. We found the tissue was hard to control. It kept flitting all over the place. The napkin was a challenge to get started but did move across. Turning the napkin so he could blow into its crease was the solution my son came up with to get it moving.

I bet you have lots of Christmas or other holiday odd and ends that you could use to try this experiment.

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