Practical Life: Flower Arranging

Flower arranging with children is a great kids activity for a lot of reasons. The activity is simple, inexpensive and uses real objects. Benefits include fine motor development, concentration and self regulation. Plus the materials are easy to gather: a vase and flowers.

If you can, gather the flowers together outside or at a farmer’s market. Having the child cut the flowers himself will truly make him see the whole picture of completing the cycle of work. What a lesson to learn that flowers don’t magically appear beautifully arranged displayed in our homes. By involving children in the whole process, which for some of you means planting seeds too, they truly develop their whole selves.

Flower arranging practical life

Within the Practical Life piece of Montessori curriculum “Care of the Environment” is a big deal.

One of the greatest parts of Montessori education are the direct and indirect aims of an exercise. For example, when a child arranges flowers, it is the self regulation and fine motor development that rule the activity.

The fact that children will produce something aesthetically pleasing to the environment is secondary, albeit an important result for the child to see.

child and flower arranging

Tips for Flower Arranging with Kids:

  • While using real flowers is wonderful, not all of us are so lucky. Don’t be shy about using fake flowers for this exercise!
  • When first introducing the activity, describe each object used with one word: “Flower. Vase.”
  • Show the child how to hold a stem and gently and slowly move it into the vase. Exaggerate this movement.

Children learn how to care for their environment and grace & courtesy as most children look forward to sharing flowers with those around them.

Thank you for reading this post today. I hope that we inspired you.

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