Olympics for Kids- Edible Torch

Food Creation- Edidle Olympic Torch
Teaching your kids about the symbols of the Olympics can be both fun and delicious. You could use spinach leaves to create a laurel crown ! You could dress up round crackers or bagels to look like the Olympic rings! You could take fruit, veggies, and cheese snacks to make an Olympic torch.
We recently created an edible Olympic torch using foods we had in our cabinets and refrigerator. I decided to hunt to foods that were red and orange to display over half of an ice cream cone. My son reminded me that there is blue in a flame too so, we broadened our search to include a blue food.
We ended up finding American cheese, cheese flavored rice cakes, carrots, grape tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and cheese crackers..
The foods for the torch flame were placed in a muffin tin so, we would be able to easily reach in an pull them out. The remaining items would be used for snack later in the day.



I think our edible torch came out well. It ended up with a little bit of everything thing that

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