Kids Sunflower Clubhouse

My family loves to spend time together outdoors.

One big project my oldest has on his summer agenda is beautifying our backyard. He wants a pergola. and a koi pond. and a waterfall. and a bicycle track.  He also wanted to create a cool sunflower garden he could play in … finally, something we could do together!

How to Grow Sunflowers

We talked a bit about the design we wanted, and got straight to work.

We figured a large outdoor room would be the most accommodating for our needs. A clubhouse for the kids, but also a space large enough for me to pull in a table and chairs and host a fabulous dinner party.
We measured out our space with a yardstick and got to digging with some simple spades. The kids did most of this job, I just supervised to make sure the lines stayed straight!

When we had our rows dug out & cleared of debris, I used the kids footsteps to plant the sunflower seeds. Each kid walked a line and we dug a small hole where his foot fell, then we planted a seed inside the hole and covered it up with a bit of dirt.
We watched carefully and waited (fairly) patiently until we saw our sunflower first sprouts, about a week later.

The kids were hooked.

Once they saw their hard work paying off in sprouts, I didn’t have to do much to remind them to tend their sunflowers. They watered diligently and kept track of the growing progress.
We had some sunflower blooms in about a month and in less than 2 months we had sunflowers as high as 14 FEET TALL!

This has been the most fun outdoor project we have ever taken on and we have big plans on how to make it even bigger & better next year!
We are planning to install a trellis of twinkle lights across the top to act as a “ceiling” and provide an awesome extra something at night. We want to hang an outdoor chalkboard in the back and next year, we will line the outside of the house with colorful flowers and add some spinning pinwheels to the entryway.

Have you ever built a sunflower house with your kids or an outdoor clubhouse?

How else could I make this space extra magical for our kids?

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