Make a Fourth of July Flag Craft

Today, I’m thrilled to share one of our favorite Fourth of July crafts.

We always intend to make lots of Fourth of July crafts, but the holiday always seems to pass by before we get the chance!  Luckily, my daughter told me that she wanted to “paint hands and feet,” so I grabbed our supplies and took off for the back yard.  My husband has an American Flag hanging in our garage and it made me think: What could be better than making a Hands and Feet Flag?!

Fourth of July Flag Craft

Before we started our Fourth of July crafts project, we looked at our American flag to talk about the colors and the shapes.  We firmly believe that everything is a learning opportunity!  Then, we got started making our own American flag.

Materials for a Fourth of July Crafts Flag

  • Washable paint {red, white, & blue}
  • Butcher paper
  • Dish soap
  • Toilet paper roll

Note: To keep clean-up easy, add a small amount of dish soap to your paint!

American flag craft for the fourth of july

How to Make a Fourth of July Crafts Flag

We started with the stripes of the flag by painting her feet red.

I let her walk across the paper long ways making the beautiful red stripes.  As best as we could, we left spaces between the red stripes for the white stripes.

After washing feet, we were ready for the blue part of the American Flag.  For this, we painted my daughter’s hands blue and let her “hand blot” the top left square until it was filled with blue paint.

We folded a toilet paper roll into a star shape to stamp stars on the American flag!

Instead of a toilet paper roll, use a star cookie cutter for stamping or star stickers!

American Flag craft for kids

After the paint dried, we displayed our American flag on the back porch.  My daughter was so proud of this simple Fourth of July crafts flag!

This summer you can create lots of Fourth of July Crafts while playing outside and beating the heat, too!

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