Make a Memory Jar {Fathers Day}

We made a Fathers Day Memory Jar {aka “snow globe”} to celebrate a year of wonderful adventures and experiences with Dad-dy! Very simple and you have plenty of time before Father’s Day to make this project happen for the Dad in your life!

You need:

  • a jar (mason jar, recycled pickle jar, olive jar, many jars will do)
  • glitter
  • glycerin
  • 2×3 photos (2 each)
  • business card sized laminating pouches
  • a laminator (or take your images to a local print shop to laminate)
  • a sealer for the jar (can simply be glue)


1. Fill jar nearly with distilled water, add a pinch of glitter & glycerin, which helps glitter float.

KidsActivitiesBlogFathersDay 2. Shake up the jar to test the results.


3. Print 2×3 images of some of your favorite photos throughout the past year.


4. Use 2 2×3 photos back to back & tuck them inside a business card sized pouch & laminate.


5. Add images to the glitter, glycerin, water mix. We added images together, taking time to look at and reflect upon each photo before dropping them into the jar. Then we shook the jar and placed it down to watch the memories float around the jar.

FathersDayMemoryJar {This part was my favorite! Can you tell?}

6. I sealed the jar tightly with glue. There wasn’t much water seeping out but enough if we placed it upside down, I’d be worried of an impending flood.

Thanks for stopping by! What are you father’s day plans? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear them!

Happy Fathers Day!


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