Painting for Kids: Tree Branch Brushes


After trimming the bushes in your yard, you may normally drag the branches off to the curb for pick up. Instead of dragging all of them off why not pull out a few with leaves and bare to paint with.

Tree Branch Brushes

Branches have a long handle for children to hold onto and strong enough to survive the painting experience.

We pulled out two branches from our pile of trimmings to use for this project. One branch was completely without leaves while the other had soft leaves on its branches.

A blob of  blue paint on last Sunday’s paper and a old pizza box were the only other things we needed to paint with branches.

It was interesting to see if the bare branch would create a different impression on the pizza box than then one with leaves. In our case they both created similar fine lines.

I think we needed to have the leaves pressed down to make a different type of paint stroke appear. If we rolled the leaves to the side before lifting the branch off the box, might have made an interesting stroke too. The chief artist on this project decided to just continue to paint by dapping.

I think this painting turned out well using the strokes he wanted to put on the box.

Kids and paint were just meant for each other!  The Quirky Mommas have lots of other fun painting projects for kids.  Check out some of these great posts and have fun!

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