The Fidgety Little Hour

To celebrate Daylight Savings Time, Sprout TV‘s Pajanimals and getting kids to bed without a battle {respond in the conversation below for a chance to win a bedtime solution prize package}, I thought it would be fun to tell a little bedtime story

The Fidgety Little Hour

Once upon a time there was a Fidgety Little Hour.

Daylight Savings Time Bedtime Story Since the beginning of time, he had been fidgety.

He was 2 am in the middle of an early spring night.  He was 2 am in the middle of an early spring night when Moon was laughing and Breeze was dancing.

He tried to sit still, but it was hard because Breeze and Moon were begging him to play.

Come play with us Little Hour!

Fidgety Little Hour wanted to play, but he had a duty to be an hour in the middle of an early spring night.  The entire world depended on him being there.

Father Time always stressed how every hour of every day is important. Fidgety Little Hour didn’t want to let down the entire world.

Time marched on and every 2 am in the middle of an early spring night, Fidgety Little Hour held as still as he could for 60 minutes even though he wanted to run and play.

Every spring, in the middle of an early spring night, Fidgety Little Hour watched Moon and Breeze at play which would make him feel even more fidgety.

In 1916, Father Time stopped by just before 2 am in the middle of an early spring night with a smile and some news, “Fidgety Little Hour, you can go out and play!   You have done your duty faithfully all these years.  Time has changed so each spring from now on you will slip off to play for the summer and then you will return on the first Sunday in November.”

Since that early spring night, Fidgety Little Hour has played all summer.

He runs with Breeze.

He laughs with Moon.

And spends his summer at play.

We change our clocks each early spring to let Fidgety Little Hour go play.  We change our clocks each fall so Fidgety Little Hour can return.

Each November, he slips back into time without feeling the least bit fidgety.


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