We had an absolute blast learning simple machines with Happy Trunk last week! It was everything we needed to construct three different simple machinesall in one monthly subscription box.

Learning Simple Machines with Happy Trunk

Subscription boxes are one of our favorite ways to stimulate learning in kids. They are convenient and fun for both parents and kids to engage with! Plus, who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail?

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What is the Happy Trunk Subscription Box?

The Happy Trunk is a monthly subscription box that provides educational crafts to your home for you and your kids to enjoy. The activities in these boxes are geared towards children ages 6 and up.

The Happy Trunk has recently combined their boxes with DIY Happy Kits and are now providing new and improved boxes to kids 6 and up! You can order a 3 month prepaid subscription, a 6 month prepaid subscription, or a quarterly prepaid subscription.

The best thing about this service is that they do not auto renew and charge your card. Which makes it a great way to send a gift to a grandchild or nieces and nephews!

Learning Simple Machines with Happy Trunk

What was in our Happy Trunk Subscription Box?

The first simple machine we created was a catapult which we used to launch pom poms into the air. This activity not only taught us about how to create a catapult, but it also let the kids expermiment with how far the pom poms would fly in correlation to how hard they hit the catapult.

Then we moved on to create two skateboards out of wooden materials. They learned how the wheel and axle worked as they constructed the skateboards. This activity also stimulated creativity because they were challenged to decorate their skateboards however they wanted.

The final simple machine activity in The Happy Trunk box was creating and decorating a ramp to race the skateboards down. With stickers and straws we created two lanes for the opposing skateboards to race down.

Learning Simple Machines with Happy Trunk

There is really nothing better than seeing kids get excited over learning new things and that is why we love using kids activity subscription boxes like The Happy Trunk!

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