If you are looking to entertain your 3- to 4-year-old at home look no further than the Koala Crate subscription box. Kids activity subscription boxes are one of the best ways to combine fun with learning all while enjoying some quality time with your kids. They are seriously so fun that your children won’t even know that they have an educational purpose. Koala Crate Subscription Box  

What is a Koala Crate Subscription Box?

Koala Crate is a kids activity subscription box that is delivered to your home once a month. Each month’s box has a different theme filled with enough creative learning materials to complete 2-3 activities. The box also comes with a magazine in it for you to read through with your children. The magazine begins with a story starring Kellan the Koala and following the common theme of the subscription box. Then there are several different activities within the magazine for your child to work through. The goals of the Koala Crate subscription box are to inspire creativity, create projects that span developmental areas, and to help engage parents with their children. Koala Crate Subscription Box

What we learned from Koala Crate Subscription Box

The theme of our Koala Crate box was transportation! Our first activity involved using magic paper to make art. We used tire tracks from the wooden vehicle provided in the box to design art on the magic paper. Afterwards, we experimented with other cars from our home to see how the tire tracks made different designs on the magic paper. Our second activity was used to teach about ramps, speed, and distances. Using the cardboard ramp provided we raced our wooden truck down the ramp to see how far and fast it went. Then we adjusted the height of the ramp to see how that would affect the speed and distance that the truck was moving. The final activity was the most fun for us. We designed an entire city with tape and road signs to learn about road safety. We experimented with the locations of the road signs on the road we designed and determined how that changed the way cars traveled! After a little bit of experimenting, we added cars from home to make the project even more fun! Koala Crate Subscription Box The Koala Crate subscription box was incredibly engaging and we were able to spend uninterrupted quality time together while completing the activities. I can’t wait to do it again! If you are looking to spend more quality time together doing easy activities with your children, check out 101 Kids Activities That Are The Bestest, Funnest Ever!

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