GHOSTDRONE 2.0: How Our Family Played Together

This is a sponsored post.  One that my family would have never forgiven me if I had passed up!

I have three boys ages 10, 13 & 15 and a husband who loves anything tech-y.  My family has wanted a drone since they became available, but it seemed too complicated to me!  When I was approached to work with Ehang for the GHOSTDRONE 2.0, I knew that my family would be excited.

Special savings available:  From November 20-December 31, 2016 GHOSTDRONE is $200 off the original price.  Those who purchase on Black Friday will also receive an extra Ehang batterery valued at $100.  More information about purchases can be found at Amazon, Best Buy & Ehang.

When the box arrived and I pulled the GHOSTDRONE box out of the packaging box, I was met with a lot of questions from three boys who generally don’t pay attention to things I get in the mail!  I assured them I would share the drone.

We did an unboxing on Quirky Momma that day to see what was inside:

We also registered the GHOSTDRONE with the FAA.  I recommend going straight to the US government’s FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Registration Service instead of many of the other websites that will register your drone.  At the Register My UAS website the instructions were easy to follow and registration cost $5.


There were just a few things that needed to be assembled.  It was easy to complete those by placing the drone upside-down on the provided packaging and following the enclosed instructions.

While we charged the batteries, we visited the video tutorial library on Ehang’s website that was full of short-attention-span videos (my favorite kind) that showed the simple steps to flying the GHOSTDRONE.

We also downloaded the Ehang app because GHOSTDRONE is controlled by your smartphone.  In fact, it is the only drone on the market that is piloted by an app.

Outside to an open area we went!

ghostdrone from above

This is REALLY IMPORTANT…you need a large open area.

The Ehang app takes the GHOSTDRONE through a tutorial test flight that you have to complete before you get control over the flight of the drone.  You absolutely need a large open area to make this both successful and stress-free!

The tutorial is nice because it takes you through specific flight maneuvers and “buttons” in the app that control it.

There is no experience needed to fly.  


drone flight crew

This was our initial drone flight crew…my husband and 10 year old.  They stepped back the recommended 15 feet with the nose of the drone pointing away from them.

My husband controlled the drone through the app while my son wore the VR googles for an “in flight” view.

ghostdrone vr goggles

The proprietary VR goggles allows you to see through the drone’s camera in realtime without blurriness or shaking.

Here is the view from the drone that Rhett was seeing through the goggles:

The view was even impressive from the ground where I watched and took pictures.

ghostdrone flying

My husband was able to steer the drone by simply tilting his phone.  The smartphone’s internal accelerometer and gyroscope control the drone’s flight with a tilt in any direction.

The Touch-to-Go setting allows the pilot to point to a place on the map for the drone to fly.  This makes it easy for even kids help with the flight.  I would recommend very close supervision with smaller kids because you would never want them to get closer than 15 feet to it while it is in flight mode.  Older kids who play video games won’t take long to become good pilots.  Ehang recommends that kids under the age of 14 are accompanied by an adult while flying.

ghostdrone in flight

GHOSTDRONE – Great Family Gift

I really like this for my family.  It is something that my boys think is really cool and we can do together.  We have only played with it for a few hours and only scratched the surface of what is possible — especially when it comes to the video features.

My other concern was damage to the drone.  GHOSTDRONE has a full replacement within one year of purchase and Ehang offers 24 hour customer service.

Remember that there is special pricing through the holiday ($200 off!) and a HUGE incentive for purchasing ON Black Friday (free extra battery worth $100).  Check out more information here.

There is a ton of fun when you follow Ehang on FB, Twitter, IG and YouTube!


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  1. Brooke Camillo says:

    I am checking this cool gift out for my husband and son but I am not seeing a free battery anywhere? Is there a special code that has to be entered? Thank you-Brooke

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