He was wrapped in a fluffy light blue towel and sitting on my lap next to the newly-abandoned tub.

I was using a corner of the towel to wipe the last few drips from his bath-styled hair.


We sat there quietly for a few moments…



Can I get down?

Let’s wait just a minute.


Because someday you won’t let me give you a bath.

He looked up at me like I was crazy.  Bath time was a favorite activity!

I won’t take a bath?

No.  You will always need to take a bath, but you will want to take one without me here.

He looked up at me like I was crazy {again}.  It hadn’t even occurred to him that his older brothers bathe without mom.

He snuggled a little bit deeper into the towel…

And every night after that, he did not question the few extra moments of snuggle time.

Every snuggle second was recorded carefully in my mom-memory.  He was my third child and I had the perspective of missing that last post-bath snuggle with the two previous boys.

It did happen one night.  Quietly, without a checkmark on the calendar or a banner and cake.  He bathed alone.

A bittersweet milestone like a million others of childhood.

Although that was years ago, I am always reminded of these simple moments that we share when school starts again.  I think it is because the progress at school has more objective measurements and celebrated goals of independence.

That fist 100% on a test.

That memorized speech.

That project that took several weeks in the making.

Each of these are a successful step closer to the point of growing up.

A step to the future that is celebrated outward with a split-second of inward held-breath for the past.

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