Play is the answer to how anything new comes about. – Piaget. Dramatic play is one of the things that instills a sense of belonging and identity.   Our children experience who they are and how to relate to others as pretend in various roles.   Pretend play helps our children develop empathy as they practice putting themselves into another persons perspective.

Dramatic Play for Kids

  Today’s round-up is inspired by Stone Soup, the post by Jessi of Play, Create, Explore. Her son had a blast mixing and creating a nice broth in his outdoor play. play Other pretend play posts included: Like Mama, Like Daughter.   They had a mess free out door kitchen using blocks made from an old tree and some old pots and pans to create all sorts of wonderful things. Nanny, Nanny had fun watching her child following in the steps of   Grandpa, drilling and creating! dramatic play piaget

Other Dramatic Play posts we’ve loved:

Pretend to be Spies.   I think this is one of my son’s favorite ways to pretend!

“Housekeeping” – encourage your child to clean

Be a Doctor – take care of your stuffed animals injuries

Aye-Aye matey’s we’re Playing Pirates.   All you need is a hat, an eye patch and a sword!

Loking for something more simple?   How about creating a Finger Robot.

Create a collection of mustaches – or buy them from this etsy store.   Fun props for photos!

Cook with your children on a pretend stove that doubles as toy storage.

  Play is indeed the “work of childhood”.   We should encourage free-play with our children.   How have you played pretend with your kids lately?  If so, please share your experience and pictures on our FB wall.  We love to see them!

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