Look around, you see that mom or dad snapping pictures of their kids? They are wanting to preserve those memories but what good is it if eventually they will run out of their phone’s memory space? Can you actually imagine wanting to capture your child’s first steps and then BAM your phone says it’s out of memory? That would be an awful day! But guess what? You will Never Worry About Phone Memory Again because we are partnering with Crunch to share just how to keep that memory space! Never Worry About Phone Memory Again

Never Worry About Phone Memory Again

When we first choose our mobile devices one of the determining factors is the amount of memory space that phone has. I personally have an iPhone 6S Plus 128GB. I went with the largest amount of storage space offered because I knew that I would be using my phone for both personal and business use. However, that amount of storage didn’t come without a hefty price. Before you choose to make a big purchase decision you should know why truly affects your memory space and how you can live without all that extra storage space at a higher cost. There are a few things that affect your overall memory space including:
  • Apps
  • Music
  • Internet Browsing Data
and want to know what the biggest one is? Yup, it’s all of those photos and videos. You see, photos and videos take up huge amounts of space. In fact, HD videos take up roughly 78MB for every minute of footage you take. And if you are like me, you probably take many of the same shots in a row to ensure you are getting a great shot. All of those are just taking up space. Surely you can go deleting everything one by one, clearing cache, deleting apps, etc. but all of that takes time. Time some of us just do not have. Not to mention, it is a bit boring! So I have a better solution… Try the Crunch App!

It’s Time to Crunch Photos!

Crunch is a new photo/video optimization technology that delivers 80% reduction in the size of photos and 50% reduction in size of videos at the same perceptible quality. Crunch is available on iOS and Android. Both products help users get their space back on their mobile devices and capture more photos and videos. Which means more lovely photos of your family can be taken without the need to delete! How it works:
  1. Download the Crunch Gallery and Crunch Camera Apps (both are free to download).
  2. Let the app analyze your phone (this will take a few minutes)crunch analyzing
  3. Once the app completes its analysis, it will tell you just the amount of space it can save on your phone!crunch done analyizing
I gave it a shot on an image I took of our new puppy Drogo. Here is the before and after’s: crunch before and after As you can see in the image above, the file before it was crunched was 2.9MB and after it was 840.0KB (what a huge difference). Although, the images might seem a little blurry from my own editing, they do not look any different at all on my phone. In fact, I had a hard time telling which was the original and which was the crunched photo! I cannot wait to crunch the rest of my images and videos. This app is truly something worth getting. Parents and grandparents can now take photos and video without the worry of every running of their phone’s memory space again! NEVER WORRY ABOUT PHONE MEMORY AGAIN2 To learn more, visit the Crunch Gallery and Crunch Camera websites. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Crunch. The opinions and text are all mine.

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