We LOVE dads who are involved. We love it more when they make adorable mistakes that are so harmless that we can’t stop grinning. This dad, Jeremy Basso, got his beautiful daughter Olivia ready for daycare, but after he dropped her off, the daycare sent mom a note and mom messaged dad. What happened next is the stuff of family stories that’ll be told over and over for a lifetime. Take a look! oliva at daycare The best part is that other moms quickly started chiming in their similar stories: baby monster And this one… build a baby And my favorite… baby minnie mouse dressed up baby minnie mouse No matter what, at least daddy knows to put sweet Olivia in something adorable. It’s okay that you missed the shirt, Jeremy, maybe you set a new fashion trend! Want to see more adorable babies? Dad tries to be cute, but his baby daughter is NOT amused! daughter not amused This Little Girl Soothes Her Baby Sister In The Sweetest Way! girl calms sister baby in her overalls

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