This Little Girl Soothes Her Baby Sister In The Sweetest Way!

We always worry about sibling rivalry. Will the older baby feel jealous of the new baby? Will the new baby take so much time that the older baby feels isolated or alone? Will the entire family ever fit together right again now that there’s a new person living in it? It’s so scary bringing a new baby home, so when something wonderful happens – like this little girl with her baby sister – you want to share it with the world. Thank goodness this family did! Take a look below!

Jessica looks like she can’t wait to be a big sister, and I’m guessing she’s done an amazing job of it. While this video is a little older, what I love is just how sweet she truly is. Every time the new baby starts fussing, Jessica steps in ready to assure her that everything truly will be okay. I can’t imagine anything more precious, or a better way to join a family.

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