I am excited to partner with Band-Aid and Neosporin on this post.
We are four days away from hopping in the car for our summer road trip.  My family is no stranger to road trips.  We travel at least 3 times a year from Texas to Colorado – a 14 hour drive.  My three boys are now 10, 13 & 15, but we have been doing this trek since before they were born!
Best Road Trip Tips for Families
Road in Winter Park, CO
I have well-earned road trip credibility because we have traveled with 3 kids at every stage {and survived to tell the tale}.  Kids Activities Blog is excited to partner with Band-Aid and Neosporin  because  their products help us make this happen!
Road Trip Tips Boys on Log
Fraser River, Winter Park CO
Suitcases – When packing kids, my rule is that  as soon as they are old enough they pack and carry their own bag.  Before all three could do this, I would pack them all in the same suitcase because it was easier for me to keep track of all the little socks, swimming suits, shorts, shirts and toothbrushes.  Now that the boys are older, they each have a duffle bags.
Road Trip to the Top of the World
Trail Ridge Road – Highest Highway in USA.
First Aid – We tried to be prepared for just about anything!  You never know what will happen in the middle of West Texas or on a stretch of uninhabited highway in New Mexico.  I love the Oh Joy! First Aid Kit, which is available exclusively at Target.  It is as gorgeous as our destination!  It is a cute kit sized perfectly for a bag or purse that you can customize with what you need to take with you.  My First Aid Kit staples always include Band-Aid bandages – especially character ones or the adorable new ones by Oh Joy! – and Neosporin.  Neosporin just came out with a new ointment, Neosporin + Pain Itch Scar, and is my new favorite because it minimizes the appearance of scars.  Keeping all our first aid products in one spot keeps things easy when accidents happen, whether it’s a paper cut in the car or a blister while sightseeing.
oh joy first aid kit
Oh Joy! First Aid Kit
Hotels – When the kids were babies and toddlers, it was easier for us to simply drive straight through.  It seemed like the transition in/out of the hotel was more work and less restful than it was worth!  As our family aged and staying at a hotel was more fun than driving at night, we try to always find a room that has at least a mini-kitchen area.  That gives us the ability to eat in the room instead of trundling out to a restaurant with over-tired kids.
Road Trip Devils Thumb
Devil’s Thumb Ranch
Restaurants – It is just nearly impossible for my kids to behave themselves at restaurants when we eat out three times a day.  I try to plan at least two meals in a less restrictive environment.  Our favorite meal to eat out is breakfast.  I think it is because everyone likes breakfast food and no one is cranky because of lack of sleep!
Colorado Road Trip - Vail
Covered Bridge, Vail Village CO
Snacks – You need ’em!  We don’t usually let the kids eat in the car, but on road trips there is an exception to the rule.  The boys also have access to some foods that are a special treat.  I find that snack-size bags of chips, pretzels and trail mix are difficult to control in the car.  I use the large plastic cups instead – doling out portions in each cup.  They fit nicely in our car’s cup holders and allow little fingers to reach and grab without a big mess.
Colorado Road Trip - Mountains
Scenic Overlook, Trail Ridge Road
We love road trips.  Having everything you need in the car seems to be easier with kids then maneuvering everyone in/out of airports and planes.
Road Trip Vail Snow in Summer
Summer in Vail?
Road trips also have the bonus of being able to take along exactly what you will need at your destination as well.
oh joy first aid kit inside
My Packed Oh Joy! First Aid Kit
Having my  First Aid Kit packed and handy during the journey or on our travel  adventures puts my mind at rest.  First Aid kits are one of those things that when you need it, you need it!  
Colorado Road Trip - Winter Park
The Winter Park Valley
Stop and enjoy the scenery because getting there is at least half the fun! A huge thanks to Band-Aid and Neosporin  for being a Kids Activities Blog sponsor.  All opinions expressed are my own.      

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