Our 2-year-old child won’t  sleep in her room. If we let her fall asleep alone in our room she is fine, but we can’t carry her over later in the night.

It can be so hard when your child won’t sleep in their room. Up all night, in and out of bed, into your room with fears or worries…  sometimes it is just easier to give in.  Today, we have some suggestions to help.

What To Do When Your Child Won't Sleep in Their Bed

My Child Won’t Sleep in Her Room:

1. Check your routine.  Do you have a calming routine?  Do you keep it the same every night?  This is so important.   (Same time to bed, same routine, etc…)

2. Keep glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and by the light switch in her room.  I even put them around a picture frame, so she can see our family in her room, even in the dark.

3.  Keep the bathroom light on in the hallway.

4. Have a reward chart and they get a star every time that they stay in their room.

5. If they are young, continue to put them back to bed, no need to explain why after the first time.

6. If they are older, have some sort of consequence.  “You need sleep, so every time that you come out, you will owe me 5 sentences about why you need sleep and why it is important.   You will do it tomorrow.”

7. Give them a special toy to sleep with at night.

8. Get a bed-tent and tell them that they are not to leave their tent at night and they can call you if they need you.

9. Give them a set wake-up time, so they know what time to look forward to.

10. If you have more than one child, let them share a room.   They will keep each other company (and keep the other one from having fears at bedtime.)

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What To Do When Your Child Won't Sleep in Their Bed

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