Dirty dishes filled the sink, caked with leftovers from last night’s lasagna. Piles of laundry littered the couch, ready to be folded and put away. The dogs were barking. The TV was blaring the latest episode of  PAW Patrol  as I struggled in vain to finish  an assignment. “Mommy, I spilled…” I look over and see my son covered in milk and cereal. Blue and green marks stain his arms and legs from our morning coloring session. Traces of bed head still linger in his hair. Yup, it’s time for a bath.   Sometimes it’s hard to love being a mom. There’s  the constant struggle to balance work with  the needs of my little family. Some days it seems my to-do list will never end. Dinner? That’s on me. And just when I think I get ahead, there are little hands reaching for me. Celebrate Mom Wins Do you ever feel like you are touched out? Yeah, that’s my life in a nutshell. I’ve learned how important it is to celebrate your mom wins. When it feels like the deck is stacked against you, look for the one success you can find. At least he got a bath today. That is my #MomWin. We are so excited to partner with Vitamin Angels to celebrate these small victories.  Share your favorite #MomWin moments with Vitamin Angels, and mothers in need  worldwide will receive prenatal vitamins for a year free of charge, giving them healthier  pregnancies and babies.
Vitamin Angels
Photo credit: Matt Dayka, Vitamin Angels
It could be getting dinner on the table. It could be getting to school on time. It could be *finally* mastering potty training. We each have our own mom wins — what does that look like for you? You ™ll be turning your #MomWin into a win for a mom in need. How cool is that?! Just visit their website to share your moment. Not a mom? You can still help! Share a #MomWin from a mom in your life, or donate $18 to  give prenatal vitamins to a mom in need for a year. Vitamin Angels  believes every mom deserves to give birth to happy, vibrant babies. Giving daily prenatal  vitamins to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers helps ensure healthy pregnancies, safe  deliveries, and adequate breast milk.  

*Through 05/09/16, Sponsor will provide $18/momwin, up to $20,000. See Terms on  website for complete details.

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