A few months ago I wrote about how I organized our home school closet.

I love being organized.

closet organization through sortingThe other day I was looking at the closet while the boys were working on schoolwork and I realized that this organization has lasted almost a year now. It is easy to find something.

Everything has its place.

It is sorting at its most functional.

We teach our kids to sort things from an early age because it is a necessary skill for organization. Here are some of our favorite sorting activities:

There is one area where I have FAILED sorting.

A big “F”.

It is NOT easy to find something.

Everything DOES NOT have its place.

It is sorting at its most DYSfunctional.

It is my email INBOX. My inbox has mail pouring in from 8 different email addresses. I am lucky to get to the business-related email.

When you send me an email it is like playing the lottery.

It is overwhelming. Too overwhelming to apply simple sorting techniques…even the ones we teach preschoolers!

In the middle of all that email noise are notifications of great deals.


I know. I can’t hear them either.

Tonight I took a tour of ChoozOn.com. I got really excited when they described the deal email sorting function…but I am getting ahead of myself!

ChoozOn.com screen shot


ChoozOn is a site that learns what brands, products and places you like to shop and then brings the deals that you would be interested in to you. Everything is in one place and it keeps learning through what you click on and what you buy.

They sift through a ton of online deals and narrow it down to what you like. What has me the most excited is that you are given a ChoozOn email address. You can sign up the deal notifications you already get to go there and they sort them! Instead of getting 15 daily deal emails a day, you can have all that sorted at ChoozOn and then YOU get one email a day with the highlights.

I am doing math in my head…8 email addresses x 15 daily deal email notifications = clearing out my inbox to the point where I can start simple sorting?

*angel choir sings*

The site is still in beta. Those of us who have joined are getting a sneak peek at what is getting bigger and better by the day. Sorting through deals {and my inbox} became a lot easier and I might even save a few dollars on things I actually want/need.

What's the best deal you ™ve ever scored?

ChoozOn wants to know and is giving away a $1000 shopping spree to one lucky person who registers for their fantastic new deal site. Let ChoozOn scour the web for amazing deals tailored to you!

How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment sharing the best deal you ™ve ever scored

2. When the contest entry box appears, complete the simple form to enter to win the $1000 shopping spree

3. You are now entered to win!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ChoozOn. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules.

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