little boy sorting with cups My son loves to sort things. He will sort anything by color or size or whatever criteria he decides on for the moment. Sorting is great for brain development, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill development.   It’s also a great way for young children to learn about colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. And it’s just plain fun. So I give him lots of things to sort each day. This day I had given him lots of different dried beans to play with along with some empty cups for scooping and pouring. He decided to sort the beans by color.   Once he had all the colors separated into individual cups, he poured each cup into a mason jar. He enjoyed looking at the different layers that he had made.   little boy with jar of layered beans Not only did we have a fun time playing and learning with the dried beans but we decided to keep this little jar as it is for a decoration (and keepsake) in the kitchen.   My son is proud to show it off to his friends when they come in the kitchen for snack time.

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