One of the reasons why Kids Activities Blog exists is to encourage parents/caregivers to embrace the mess of childhood!  Play isn’t often neat…which is why it is so fun.

Little artists make big messes.

We have partnered with SC Johnson to use some of our favorite products to easily clean up the messes that happen everyday with play.  Pledge ®, Scrubbing Bubbles ®, and  Windex ® make clean-up a breeze which makes  room for more messy moments!

Little Artists make big messes collage

The Story of a Mess…

When kids get involved in a creative endeavor, a mess is made.

But it doesn’t stop there!

The Blue Digger picture is complete {painted by Reid when he was 4} and the surrounding kitchen counter can be cleaned of blue and green finger prints and paint brush over-strokes.

But the true mess has just begun!

He walks across the kitchen floor with the paint bottle to put it away.  In his enthusiasm, paint drips along his trail.

mess of paint on floor pledge

No worries!  Pledge ® Multi Surface Antibacterial works great on lots of different type of surfaces including wood.

The mess is gone in seconds!

As he passes the fridge, little fingers leave a bluish smudge.

pledge cleaning blue smudge

No worries!  Pledge ® Lemon Clean works great on stainless steel and the mess is gone in seconds!

My favorite part of the “clean-up” process is how the sink usually is messier than the kid after they wash their hands.

scrubbing bubbles in sink - mess cleanup

No worries!  Scrubbing Bubbles ® can clean that bathroom sink with ease…just let the bubbles loose!

Now, the blue paint paw print on the backdoor…I just can’t explain that!

paw print windex clean up

Thankfully Windex ® is an easy solution for Panda’s paw prints on the door – no matter what color they are!

Cleaning up little {BIG} messy moments is very convenient because my local Walmart has this…

Walmart SCJ cleaning products

It was really easy to find exactly what I needed in the Home Cleaning Aisle.

We had so much fun with the cleanup, we thought we would show you…

You can follow along with other messy moments with the #SCJMessyMoments online…and see how other families embrace the fun.

Kids Activities Blog is excited to be working with SC Johnson on this program.  We received product and compensation.  All opinions expressed {and messes shown} are our own.  

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