5 Tips for Kids Who Wear Glasses

We first noticed that our youngest had trouble concentrating when he was learning to read.  That was out of character for him which sent up a red flag.  As we observed further, we noticed that he would squint every once in awhile or close his eyes fully when tired.

Tips for kids wearing glasses

After a trip to the eye doctor, it was discovered that he had one eye that was doing all the work.  It is called a lazy eye.  There was a few weeks that he wore a patch, but what helped the most was to correct the vision for the lazy eye to “encourage” it to work too!

Ever since, Rhett (age 7 at the time) has worn glasses.  It is one of the reasons why I am so excited to be working with AC Lens  – on online eyewear retailer with everything for your eyes!  Through our experience with AC Lens, I learned that “everything” goes way beyond well-priced glasses for Rhett.  Keep reading for more information about that…

How Kids Can Be Independent with Taking Care of Their Glasses

Here are a few tips that have helped us manage Rhett’s glasses:

  1. Have a spare set – Buying two pairs of glasses for a child may seem extravagant, but this is not a pair of pants that will be short in 2 months!  Having a spare pair of glasses is like having a spare key to your house – when you need it, you need it!  The good news is that AC Lens has great prices and if you already have one pair and need to buy a spare pair, you can let them know the name of your eye doctor and they will contact them to get the prescription.
  2. How to use them in sports – Make the decision before the situation how you will handle sports.  In our case, Rhett can see well-enough without his glasses that he just takes them off and stores them in the case (or my purse) while he plays.  If that is not the case for your child, preparing with a glass strap or a pair of sports glasses can help him/her stay in the game.
  3. Keep them clean – As an adult, I always took the cleaning solution and fabric swatch that they gave you to clean your glasses and put it in a drawer because my glasses were rarely dirty enough to need that type of intensive cleaning.  Kids are completely different!  Rhett will clean his glasses and then an hour later I can’t even see his eyes through the lenses!  I have no idea how lunch, sandbox, mud, popsicles and so much more end up obscuring his vision.  Teach kids how to clean the lens without scratching and have the cleaning kit in a central location at the house so it is easily accessible.
  4. Bedtime place – Rhett keeps his main glasses case at his bedside.  He is in the habit of putting the glasses in the case nightly.  When we travel, he does the same thing so they are safe at night even if knocked off the nightstand.
  5. Tease talk – I love the way that Rhett looks in his glasses and he does too.  I asked him if he liked to wear them and he said he does.  When we got his glasses for the first time we talked about how it was a change and how when he looked in the mirror, he might do a double-take.  We discussed how his classmates and brothers would do the same thing and how sometimes kids tease because something is different.  Turns out Rhett’s classmates hardly noticed.  It was his brothers that teased him!  While I am not proud of that, it does make it easier to deal with.

Our Experience with AC Lens for Choosing Glasses for Kids

When I found out that Kids Activities Blog would be working with AC Lens, it was the middle of the holiday season and we were out of town.  AC Lens’ website says that all you need to provide is your eye doctor’s information with your order and they will track down the lens prescription, so I put that to the test!

I Googled our eye doctor’s information (because I didn’t even have that with me) and added it to the order for another pair of glasses for Rhett.  Choosing frames online was surprisingly easy with Rhett.  He had very specific requirements – blue or orange, squarish frames that were the same/similar size to the frames he currently wears.  I was able to search the site for those specific elements which narrowed down the choices to just things he was interested in.  The AC Lens website made it easy for us to locate the size of the frames he was wearing.

Shopping on AC Lens

Once I started poking around the AC Lens website, I ended up choosing a few other things because there was SO MUCH and I felt like the prices were really good.

AC Lens Reading Glasses

Lately, I have noticed that all print in the world has shrunk {cough}.  It has made it difficult to read a book or even a menu!  I have been resisting, but knew it was time to get reading glasses.  I was amazed at the selection on AC Lens and I got this adorable pair of readers that has a cute case for under $15.

AC Lens Ray-Ban

It was also time to replace my sunglasses.  I am a little hard on sunglasses and have been known to lose them so I  refuse to pay a lot!  What that means is I  have to make a special trip to a store that has sunglasses that I like when the scratches on my lens get too much to bear.  When I checked AC Lens, I was able to get Ray-Ban sunglasses for just a few dollars more than I usually spend which I am really excited about…and will try to take care of a little better just because I love them if I can get them back from my 14 year old.

dog wearing ski goggles from AC Lens

Remember how I said we were on vacation when we were shopping on AC Lens?  We were in the mountains skiing.  While there, I had been drooling over a pair of ski goggles that had interchangeable lenses for different light.  My current goggles are for bright to medium light, but in the afternoon when the sun is lower or there are more shadows, it is difficult to see what lays ahead.  AC Lens had the pair that I wanted for a great price.

Yay!  And as you can see, Panda, our dog is thrilled to model them!

Shopping for glasses online had really never occurred to me which is really funny since I do most things online!  I guess I was worried about not having the prescription and not being able to try them on. AC Lens overcame all those issues quickly.  They were able to get the prescription straight from our eye doctor.  I didn’t even miss trying on sunglasses with that big tag covering my nose peering into a tiny rectangular mirror!

We want to help you save!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AC Lens. The opinions and text are all mine.