We love to make all kinds of Christmas crafts around here!  From the cookies to the decorations, Christmas season seems to be full of creating fun all around the house. We make cards and treats and usually a new santa art piece or two. This year we’ve been making ornaments and gingerbread houses thanks to our friends at Kiwi Crate {Kids Activities Blog sponsor}. There’s two new holiday specific craft kit boxes and we were sent both to check out. YAY kids crafts, gotta love that. The vote is in, and we love them! Let me show you what we’ve got. (Hint, these make great gifts!).   Christmas Craft Kits from Kiwi Crate  

Colorful Creative Christmas Crafts

There are two holiday inspired craft kits we tried out. We made ornaments with a Koala crate craft kit and a gingerbread house with a Kiwi Crate craft kit. My 8 year old (and sometimes my 12 year old) love opening these kits, they’re like little gifts of happiness waiting to be assembled.  Kiwi Crate is always so spot on with the kits they send. It’s true, I am biased, but I also spend most of my days crafting something and these kits impress me… they keep my kids happy, that’s a gold star in my book! Let’s start with the Ornament kit.The Koala kits are designed to work well for even the younger kids.  There are enough supplies to easily make 3 pretty ornaments.  This project includes some liquid dyes that are fun to experiment with mixing colors. There’s  glitter paint to mix in and even marbles to help with the mixing. You also get all the accessories to decorate your ornaments including some small-ish jingle bells. So if you are working with younger kids, make sure to pull all the supplies out and supervise this project.   Making ornaments with Koala Crate Craft Kits The marbles… the kit comes with marbles you place inside the ornament with the paint to help mix the colors around more. I had no idea about this little color mixing trick, even I learned something from this craft kit! Make sure you cover the work surface. The dyes and paint do wash out, but you don’t want it all over your table or you carpet. Mixing colors to make pretty ornaments We found the paint does not dry very quickly. SO keep this in mind when you are making your ornaments. The instructions say to set aside for about an hour, we left ours out all night and the paint was still wet.  We originally had the ornaments facing with the top down inside the little cups to allow excess paint to drip out and then I left the ornaments like this all night. I think next time I would let the paint drip out for about and hour and then flip the ornaments so the tops are open to the air for quicker drying. We love how our ornaments turned out and with 3 in the box everyone got to make one! Make glitter ornaments with Kiwi Crate holiday craft kit Next we made a cute little gingerbread house. The kit comes with  pieces to build your own cardboard gingerbread house and all kinds of little accessories to decorate it. They’ve even included mini craft cards with ideas for quick crafts you can make with the supplies to accent the house. The candies on the front of our house… that’s one of the mini craft ideas. It’s a little pom pom wrapped in tissue paper, clever! Decorate a gingerbread house with little pom poms   Supplies to decorate a gingerbread house with Kiwi Crate What I really like about this kit is all the supplies that are included. There’s a variety of textures and colors so it really sparks kids creativity. There are pom poms and tissue paper and decorative ribbon. There’s also two gingerbread people and a little Christmas tree you can put together. Everything is a 3D piece so the whole project can be put on display when it’s finished. (We’re still working on ours so I’ll have to show you later how the entire project turned out.) My favorite part was playing with the pip cleaners (aka chenille stems). I love bending them and making shapes… if I were 5, I think that’s what I would. My daughter, on the other hand, loves the paint and the glitter and gluing pretty little accents to everything. Did I mention the kit comes with glue too? Oh yes it does!   Decorate your own gingerbread house craft from Kiwi Crate   These craft kits for kids come with enough supplies to make the intended project, but we also find there is usually  a little extra to add to our own creative fun. We also like to collect the Kiwi Crate boxes to build with.. like giant LEGOs. I think you’ll have some fun with them! If you’d like to make these Christmas crafts  yourself, head over to Kiwi Crate and grab a box or 3. You are going to LOVE them almost as much as your kids do! While you’re there, take a look at all the fun boxes you can order. There’s also a subscription service (hello, awesome gift idea) – sign up for 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions and your child will received a new craft kit every month. It’s like Christmas all year long! Use coupon code:KAB30 to save 30% on your order!  Shop now   Kiwi Crate Family Brands >> Check out these other colorful craft ideas!

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