I have three boys ages 10-14 which means my house is full of video games.  Technology has made it easier to play almost anywhere – in the car, on the couch, in bed, at the table, or on a bean bag. But the common thread through all that gaming is that it is sedentary – sitting and laying down while playing.video game makeover

We Need a Video Game Makeover!

Yep, we need a video game makeover.  I need those kids off the couch!  They are growing boys that need to expend energy, get exercise and harness all those wiggles for good. Kids Activities Blog is super excited about a partnership with Blue Gojiplease check out our videos and articles over on their site!  If you click over to BlueGoji.com this is what you will see ¦ Kids Activities Blog at Goji Play

Introducing Goji Play 2.0

Goji Play 2.0 isn’t your normal video game platform.  With Goji Play there is no sitting on a bean bag and playing.  It transforms your iPhone/iPad into a gaming system in cooperation with the Goji Play controllers and a cardio exerciser. You can use a stationary bike, elliptical or anything that allows you to change your speed while moving.  The faster you move, the faster the game you are playing moves. There is a GojiVerse where you can send your score to another player you are connected to.  And if the game has a specific sequence that you played, you can send that too – so it is an even playing field.

Before and After the Video Game Makeover

I introduced the to Goji Play and stepped back and watched.  The transformation was  quite amazing! video game makeover before and after   Before  the makeover, there were kids on the couch on their iPads, kids on bean bags with the Xbox, kids at the table on their 3DS. After the makeover, there were kids on the trampoline playing Kreature Krunch, kids on the elliptical playing Smash the Blocks and kids on the stationary bike playing Spin or Die. Goji Play is just plain fun for everyone.  I hope you will go watch the crazy video that my 12 year old and I did where I tell him, get off the couch! .  We have been having a ball. Kids Activities Blog also has an exclusive coupon code for Goji Play 2.0 that you can find here. Kids Activities Blog loves working with Blue Goji with this sponsored series.  Their support helps us publish things fun stuff everyday.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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