Have you seen all the rage behind the adult coloring books? I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to the idea at first, but now that I’ve tried it I am hooked! A lot of these books have been around for quite a while, but are just now gaining popularity.

Coloring can be a really calming activity and is definitely not just for kids. If you are a grown-up that wants to color but isn’t into cartoon characters then you will love these.


15 Beautiful Adult Coloring Books

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Stress Relieving Patterns – These patterns are specifically designed to be stress relieving. I think sitting down to color would definitely relieve a bit of stress.

Animal Designs – If you are an animal lover this one is for you. The designs here range from beginner to advanced.

Enchanted Forest – This gorgeous book is full of castles, treasure chests and secret mazes. So fun!

Disney Princesses – Even grown-ups love princesses! If you love your kids coloring books but want more detail this is perfect.

Frozen – And if you love princesses, then you must love Elsa and Anna, too! The snowflake patterns in this book are gorgeous.

Lost Ocean – I love the sea and so this is one of my favorite books. The designs are beautiful.

The Calm Coloring Book – I love the doodles in this book and think you would certainly be calm after using it!

Harry Potter – Color your own Hogwart’s Castle and The Forbidden Forest!

Inspirations – This book is full of inspiring quotes. You could frame these once you are done!

Beauty in the Bible – This is full of beautiful scriptures from the bible.

Star Wars – If you love Star Wars, then you will love this awesome coloring book  with 100 images of all your favorite characters.

Shine – This maritime themed book is full of Christian scripture and beautiful quotes.

I Love My Hair – This is full of doodles of hair, braids, mohawks and accessories.

Floral Designs – A whole book of flowers! I love this one.

“Today Is Going To Be A Great Day” – This book is bound on glossy, heavy-duty stock paper that includes bookmarks and gift tags you can cut out!

Don’t forget the colored pencils! This set of 48 prismacolor soft core colored pencils are waterproof and long-lasting.

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