5 Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Pregnancy

Whether it’s your first, second, or even fourth time becoming a Mom, it is always a beautiful thing. While each and every pregnancy is different, one thing remains the same: the essential nutrients you need to maintain a healthy pregnancy. So today we are partnering with our friends at  Viactiv to share with you  5 Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Pregnancy!

There certainly are more essential nutrients needed than just 5 but these are the most important  and one’s that many moms lack during their pregnancy.

Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Pregnancy

5 Essential Nutrients for  a Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Folic Acid –  As a woman we hear over  and over to take folic acid before trying to conceive. The reason behind this is because it helps prevent neural tube defects even before a woman knows she is pregnant. It is recommended that all women should consume 400 micrograms per day from fortified foods and/or their prenatal supplement.
  2. Calcium – While we certainly need strong bones to carry around the extra weight during our pregnancies, calcium is important for even more reasons. A growing baby  needs the calcium to build a healthy heart, as well as teeth, bones, muscles, and nerves.   If the pregnant woman doesn't provide this calcium from her diet, the calcium needed is pulled from her bones, which puts her own health at risk later in life. So calcium is certainly a must!
  3. Vitamin D – This is another great nutrient for strong bones and teeth. It also helps us absorb the calcium so it’s a nutrient that goes hand in hand with the others. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends 600 IU per day of Vitamin D for woman including pregnant women.  Food sources containing Vitamin D isn’t often enough so supplementing especially during pregnancy is recommended.
  4. Iron – Anemia (iron deficiency) in pregnancy is quite common but it shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, over 17% of pregnant woman are diagnosed with iron deficiency in the US which increases the need for iron rich foods and supplementation.  Ensuring you are getting the daily recommended dose of Iron can help you maintain a full-term pregnancy and avoid a low birth weight for your baby.
  5. Protein – Just as protein is a vital nutrient to keep our bodies going, it’s vital for a growing baby. It helps promote growth, helps  produce  amino acids and repairs cells.

5 essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy

Chewsing  The Right Supplement

Now that you know about some important nutrients to have during pregnancy you might be wondering how to ensure you are getting them. A supplement is a great option but there is 1 problem, there are tons of different brands and types of supplements out there so where do you start?

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