12 Active Play Gifts for Kids

Finding the perfect gift for kids can sometimes be challenging because you want something that they will REALLY play with…and not for just a few minutes.

As a parent, having toys that kept the kids active was a bonus as well.  A tired child just sleeps and eats better!  This post is sponsored and inspired by Overstock.com where you will be pleasantly surprised at the selection AND price!

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12 Active Play Gifts

12 Gifts for Active Kids

Here is a list based on what has gone over well at my house.  My three boys are now ages 9, 12 and 14.

Self Balancing Hover Board  – Hands free transportation!  I was at a friend’s house the other day when their 11 year old came rolling through the house on this.  It is great for both indoor & outdoors depending on the amount of space available.  Overstock has this for 15% off!

Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike – This is the way my youngest child learned to ride a bike.  It was so incredibly easy that he never really had to “learn”!  He went straight from a no-pedal balance bike to a regular bike within seconds was pedaling.  Overstock her this for 10% off!

Razor Scooter – Each of my boys has one of these scooters…and I do too!  We LOVE these.  They are great for a tour around the neighborhood or just to race each other on the driveway.  Ours are not new and shiny like this one, but I can honestly say it is one of the toys we use the most.  Money well-spent!  Overstock has a great price on this item.

Kinderfeets TinyTot 2-in-1 Balance Bike and Tricycle – This tricycle is amazing AND it transforms into a balance bike when the time is right.  This is one makeover that will come in really handy!  Overstock has a great price on this item.

Grocery Shopping Cart – This heavy-duty play item will have you believing you are at the grocery store!  Pretend play hardly even has to pretend.  Overstock has a great price on this item.

Adventure Tent Set – We have had tents and tunnels since my boys were old enough to crawl.  It is always one of the favorite toys when we are stuck inside or need an additional “pretend” space to just about any game.  Overstock has a great price on this item.

Fairy Princess Canopy – OK, so I have all boys, but this is something I want.  What a sweet place for a tea party or put it over a bed for sweet slumber.  Overstock has this for 36% off.

KidKraft Metal Pots and Pans plus Play Food– Hey, these are as nice as what I have in the kitchen!  Love this realistic play set.  Overstock has it for a great price.

Fort Set – This is like tinker toys on steroids.  A life-size building set has limitless options!  Overstock has this for 40% off.

Little Colorado Step Stool – I looked high and low for one of these a few years ago and this one comes in multiple colors!  It is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen where kids are just not tall enough on their own to participate.  Overstock has a great price on this item.

Theo Klein Miele Vacuum – This is the most adorable vacuum I have ever seen – who knew vacuums can be adorable?  Overstock has this for 14% off.

Doctor Play Set – We have always had a toy doctor set in the house making house calls more convenient.  This set is precious with wooden pieces made with non-toxic paints and dyes.  Overstock has this for 31% off.

Zig Zag Teepee – Our teepee is a permanent part of our playroom.  It can be a fort, or a library, or a house, or anything that needs to be part of the fun!  Overstock has this for 25% off.

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Roller Coaster Childrens ride on

Rolling Coasters Ride-on Car – Each one of my boys has one of these and even though they have had them for years and they are now all over the age of 9, they still get them out and race each other with them.  Super sturdy and built to last!  This deal is Black Friday ONLY at Overstock for $34.99 which is 36% off!

All that activity around the house is going to result in dirty kids who need a bath…so you might want to check out this deal…

Elegance Spa Towels

12-piece Elegance Spa Luxurious 600 GSM Egyptian Cotton Towel Set – Yes, they come in other colors than white!  And on Black Friday, this set will be a crazy-awesome price of only $36.99.

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