kids doing choresWe have had so many terrific submissions!   So many tips! Thank you to all who participated in our first blog carnival! Our next carnival will Ticia is mommy to three preschoolers and she explains how she makes doing chores easy for her youngsters by using plastic dishes and even explains her method of getting groceries unloaded (which at my house can be an all-afternoon event).   I hope you can learn from her and her post, Chores and Kids posted at Adventures in Mommydom. Sherry shared her chore list for us!   Thanks.   It is nice to see what realistic expectations of our kids chores should look like, when we can start expecting more out of our preschoolers.   You can read her post Chores for my Boys and her other parenting tips at City Chic on a Farm Simone has has a brilliant idea!   Her family has a “tidy song” (which happens to be the Macarena, but you can pick another song), whenever momma turns it on the kids rush off to clean!   Sounds impressive and fun!   She presents her Tidy Up Song on her blog at Greatfun4kids. Melissa makes a great challenge, can we stop whatever we are doing once every hour and spend a min or two tidying?   If we will – it’ll be obvious!   I’m amazed at what a minuet can do.   She discusses her housekeeping theories in:   No Time For Housework posted at Your Fun Family. Brandie uses   a bin system to keep her kids clothes and toys organized!   I am impressed.   We use a bin system at our house too, and it looks nothing like the clean structure found in Brandies closet.   She shares her concept in Tips to Get Kids Involved In Cleaning posted at Rudy Family Rukus. And Katherine from Just Because… Makes teams in her family and do chores together while they sing. Did you contribute? Feel free to wear our “I’ve been featured” button. Many thanks to those who participated in the last blog carnival!   And thanks to Sugar Pond for providing the picture!

Our Current Carnival is about Thanksgiving.

We’d love to hear of ways that you foster an attitude of thanksgiving in your kids!

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  1. grandiosa a deisomos si venco badeogrul con ssumoso. cossuas irita se cismo son fitimina mi mecotorva rionias y camereis rioquia dubscres.

  2. Thanks for collecting all the responses in one post! I love reading the others as well! Thanks for incorporating my post!!

  3. Ahhh – a great place for great resources on chores and preschoolers. Enjoying what I’m reading so far and looking forward to more so I can implement some of these strategies! Thanks for the compilation.

  4. I am really special I know but can’t find the “I’ve been featured button” Also in response to your comment on my blog I worry a little about the alcohol scrub myself but it is so much more effective because we really don’t wash our hands the way we should the whole 15 seconds and all.