Do your kids love science projects and experiments? Mine really love science that involves food! Some of these activities we have completed and some are on our to-do list. I’m excited to share with you all of these fun ways to play with science in the kitchen!

20 Ways to Explore Science With Food

20 Ways to Explore Science With Food

Have you made color changing milk? This is one of our favorite projects and is so easy for kids.

Explore the fun process of how grapes turn into raisins with this simple experiment. via Happy Hooligans

If you’re learning about the human body then try this kitchen science project of seeing what is inside your blood. via Creekside Learning

Give a delicious example of reversible change with this chocolate kitchen science activity. via Little Bins for Little Hands

Make your own homemade fruit gummies to explain and understand polymer science. How fun! via Left Brain Craft Brain

20 Ways to Explore Science With Food

Understand how yeast works with this simple amd exciting experiment. via

Use this yummy  candy experiment  to take a look at food dyes.

This  cake experiment  shows that baking a cake is chemistry! Try different ingredients to see how different each cake comes out. via Teach Beside Me

If your kids love gum, try this  chewing gum science project! via Meet Penny

Make an  apple volcano  your kids will love! This is so fun. via Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Did you know you can  regrow lettuce? This project is really fun for kids to watch. via Housing A Forest

Do a simple kitchen experiment to observe  which food will rot first. Comes with a free printable observation card! via No Time For Flash Cards

20 Ways to Explore Science With Food

Try different ingredients to explore  solutions and potions  – so fun!

Try some fun  apple science  to see the different types of reactions different acids will have on apples. via Coffee Cups and Crayons

Beautifully show how plants absorb water  with this fun and colorful project. via Paging Fun Moms

Help kids see why making healthy choices is important with this  fruit vs. fries  experiment. via Inspire Me ASAP

Use a few simple kitchen ingredients to make this fun  hopping corn  that is mesmerizing! via One Time Through

This  M&M survival challenge  is a game that kids will love and also learn from – it’s so fun! via Science Buddies

Explore your  five senses with marshmallows! This science project is fun and tastes good! via Fantastic Fun and Learning

This is crazy! Have you tried the  egg shell squeeze test? Your kids will love this.


Here are more than  45 Science Experiments for Kids.  I bet you can find something from that post to do for your next science day!  AND ¦ coming soon is our book, 101 Kids Science Experiments, including many, many that are not here on the blog!  Pre-order your book now!

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