Not all parents are crafty and that’s entirely okay. Kids on the other hand love to be creative and crafts are a great way to encourage that creativity. Whether you are a parent that has a crafty side or not, coming up with craft ideas that are both engaging, fun and a learning experience can be a challenge. I mean you can only build a craft stick catapult so many times am I right?

So how can you possibly help your child create amazing crafts they are proud of? Green Kid Crafts is here to help! They have partnered with us today to share their amazing craft boxes for kids. I had the opportunity to try some out myself and let me tell you, they are the craft boxes to rule them all!

green kid crafts

About Green Kid Crafts

As I mentioned, thinking of fun crafts for our kids is sometimes a challenge. From deciding what to make to determining what  sort of supplies to buy, the idea can be overwhelming. With Green Kid Crafts, the guesswork of what craft to make  or the supplies needed, are taken away so you and your child can have more time having fun and crafting!

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Green Kid Crafts is a  green company  that provides creative and educational activities to do with kids through our eco-friendly Subscription Service, Craft  Boxes, Birthday Activities, STEM Science Kits,  Creativity Kits.   With Green Kid Crafts, both parents and kids can enjoy sustainable arts, crafts, and STEM science activities that spark creativity, build confidence, and cultivate respect and love for the environment.

I received a total of 3 boxes which included their  Robot Workshop, Ocean Science, and Outer Space Discovery Boxes to try out with my own kids.

green kid crafts boxes

My oldest son is really into robots right now so that was the box we used. He is 5 and he was able to put together the majority of the crafts by himself. He had such a blast! These boxes come filled with fun crafts to make including instructions and the majority of materials needed. There are only a few items you need from home to complete some of the crafts. There were 3 robot crafts total in the robot workshop box. Since I don’t want to ruin any surprises, I will share with you the two robots that we built.

First we built the MagnetBot. It was really cool to build it and see how the metal tin and magnet (provided) work together to move the robot around the maze.


The second robot we built was the ArtBot which combined a cup, markers, and a Hexbug Nano Robot! Yes you read that, it included a Hexbug! This was honestly our favorite craft and we even had to show you a quick video of the robot and the Hexbug doing their  thing!

Basically once you build the ArtBot you place the Hexbug inside of the cup and allow it to move the cup around to draw an image. Once it’s been going for a little while you end up with a really cool and colorful image. Isn’t that cool?

Green Kid Crafts offer fantastic boxes full of craft supplies that will bring out your child’s creativity. They are engaging, fun, and a great learning experience. I highly recommend them for you and your children!

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