5 Ways to Get Your Memory Back

Mobile phones. We all seem to have them and can’t get enough of them. Between talking, texting, sending email, browsing the web, and taking pictures of everything we see, it’s no wonder our phones run out of memory (and battery).

No more storage space can be a huge problem especially if you are trying to capture your baby taking their first steps or even wanting to download a game to entertain your kids on a long car ride.  So today we have partnered with SanDisk to bring you 5 Ways to Get Your  Memory Back  (on your phone that is)  so you never have to miss out on capturing life’s greatest moments again!

5 Ways to Get Your Memory Back

5 Ways to Get Your  Memory Back

  1. Delete your browser’s cache. This is something many of us do on our computers but never really think about doing it on our phones. Cache  is  a form of memory storage  that holds onto data to try to speed up the process next time you are on that web page again. However, doing this means it also uses up a ton of memory. Clearing your cache frequently can free up memory on your phone and it can be easily done within your phone’s web browser under settings.
  2. Remove unwanted apps. When you first purchased your phone and turned it on you may have noticed the amount of apps that were already installed and ready to go. Have you thought about how many of those you actually use? If you aren’t using them, they are just taking up space. So I suggest removing all unwanted apps from your phone. This can be done through your app manager in settings.
  3. Forget Wi-Fi networks. Many of us constantly keep our Wi-Fi turned on this means our phones will actively search for wireless networks to join and remember those found. If you travel a lot you may notice a ton of those “remembered” networks but remembering those networks (and passwords) can take up memory. Just forget the ones you don’t use regularly and go on about your day.
  4. Delete music downloads. Okay should be something we  all know. Music downloads are large files so anytime you download a song or ringtone to your phone you can bet it’s taking up quite a bit of memory. Remove those files and opt for an app (yes just 1 or 2) that will stream music right on your phone. Pandora is a great choice.
  5. Transfer content to another device.  When deleting files such as photos and videos isn’t an option, transferring them to another device (such as your computer) is the answer. Doing it this  way will give you the memory you need on your phone but allow you to keep the  digital content safe  and sound on another device.

How to Transfer Content Between Devices Effortlessly:

So as I mentioned when freeing memory comes down to transferring files rather than deleting them, there is several ways to do it. Sure you can upload everything one-by-one to Facebook or via email but who has the time for that? I know I don’t!

There is a better way one that is so smooth you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner…

It’s with the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

With this wireless flash drive you can:

  • Wirelessly save and access your photos, videos and files
  • Stream HD movies and music to up to 3 devices at the same time
  • Collect and share up to 128GB**
  • Connect wirelessly or simply plug into a USB port

Plus it is compatible with  iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Androidâ„¢ devices, and PC and Mac computers.

It makes transferring your data a breeze. You simply charge the flash drive, download the app, and follow the prompts to upload your content from your phone to the flash drive. All done without any cords or additional software to download!

So now when my boys are getting restless while we are dining out, I can download apps and games to occupy them without the worry that I won’t have enough memory. It is truly a time saver and makes me one happy mom!

You can learn more about the SanDisk Connect Wireless HERE  and by watching this video. Plus for a limited time you can save 30% off the  64 GB.  Simply enter your name and email to receive your exclusive promo code to save. Get your coupon here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SanDisk . The opinions and text are all mine.