It has happened to me a 1000 times.  I walk into a room for a specific purpose only to find that I can’t remember what that was when I arrive. ARRRRGH! Why am I here? Eliminate Fuzzy Brain   This post contains affiliate links.  

Invasion of Mommy Brain

“Mommy Brain” is real! It isn’t a disease or a diagnosis. It is just what happens when we are overwhelmed by a kajillion details of daily life.  Pour onto that a restless night of not-so-much sleep along with a rushed schedule and questionable food choices in a day and all of a sudden, you are standing in the middle of a room looking for an unknown object, forgetting the 4-digit password you have used a million times, or leaving your purse on the check-out stand of Target.  Not that I have done any of those!

Solutions for Foggy Brain

Getting more sleep, eating better, exercising regularly and realistic scheduling can all clear the fog.  I have one more solution that you may not have heard about.  I have been taking Q96 EMPowerplus for months now because it just helps me handle the chaos of every day. It is hard to describe what it does, but for me, it feels like I have more perspective.  In a crazy mom moment I am able to stand back and evaluate things in a calmer and more focused way. The cool thing is that you can try it too. No pressure.   For me, it took about 3 days to start to feel that grounding while the kids fought or the ability to NOT fly off the handle when something at the house went awry. They are offering Kids Activities Blog readers a FREE WEEK trial. one week free sample

More About Q96 EMPowerplus

It's been proven that over the years each of us are at risk of losing Brain Power  Why is this so?   Our schedules are more demanding than ever and through our struggles to conquer each day our brain is always losing and creating new cells.   The brain actually uses as much as 50% of all of the vitamins you take into your body each day. Yet your brain is the last thing to be fed in the food chain.

Your brain is getting the leftovers.

41 medical researchers, 22 medical journals and 15 renowned universities including Harvard have done studies on how certain supplements effect the brain.   One product they found provides the following:

  • Improved Mental Clarity
  • Increased Motivation and Attention
  • Feelings of Peace, Calm and Wellness
  • Protect and Enhance the power of your brain.
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (but you don’t have to worry about that since you are getting a free trial)
I hope you will grab your free trial – just to see if it could be helpful for you. We signed up for the Q96 affiliate program after falling in love with the product.  All opinions expressed are mine.  

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