Hula hoops are so simple, but it’s often the simple things that make our kids the happiest. Of course, getting your hula hoop on is fun, but don’t stop there. It’s a versatile toy that can provide hours of entertainment with these clever and creative hula hoop activities. One of the best things to do with a hula hoop is make giant bubbles…and here are some other great activities for kids. hula hoop feature

Hula Hoop Activities

Creative Ways to Play With Hula Hoops

Repurpose an old hula hoop with this creative weaving craft for kids. A hula hoop hideout is the perfect place for kids to play in the shade on a hot summer day. via Alanna George Help your toddlers with their gross motor skills. Hopping on two feet from one hula hoop to the next is great practice! via Learn Play Imagine Are your kids learning to tell time? Make a hula hoop clock with a hula hoop, sidewalk chalk and sticks. Smart! via Creekside Learning Pair large balloons and hula hoops to make planets for an outer space party. via Play Party Pin A rope and a hula hoop can provide hours of fun! Crawl through the hoop, toss a ball through it, swing the hoops back and forth… via Happy Hooligans Play hula hoop hopscotch with the kids. via Teach Preschool This Venn diagram sorting activity is genius for helping kids learn what things have in common. via Still Playing School  Fun ways to play with hula hoops

Ways You can have Fun with a Hula Hoop

Play hula hoop blockers. Place one kid in each hoop, and give them a bean bag to toss. Players have to block the bean bag from entering the hoop. via Come Together Kids Make easy outdoor tunnels for your kids or the pets using hula hoops and tablecloths. Secure the tablecloths with duct tape, and you’re ready to go! via How Wee Learn Here’s a fun one for toddlers: a hula hoop ball roundup. Older children can sort balls or other toys by color, size, etc. using multiple hoops. via I Can Teach my Child This rabbit hole game sounds so fun. One person is the fox, and the others are rabbits. When the fox starts his chase, all the rabbits have to make a run for the rabbit hole. Rabbits who don’t make it become foxes, too. via The Inspired Treehouse  What’s more fun than a hula hoop? Making giant bubbles with one. All you need is a kiddle pool, a hula hoop, water and some dish soap for this super fun activity. via No Biggie When you have lots of people, try the team-building caterpillar game (video). It’s perfect for camp or reunions! via YouTube Make a spider web with a hoola hoop and masking tape. Let the kids toss cotton balls or pom poms at it to see how many will stick! via Barbarazab

More Fun Activities

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