When my kids were babies, I loved organizing their changing tables.  I think it made me feel organized when I knew I really wasn’t and had no idea what I was doing with a baby.  These days you see so many elaborate changing table designs.  So what do you really need at your changing table.  Before I get to a list of some changing table must haves, here are a few baby nurseries to drool over: Changing table must haves1 (This post contains affiliate links) If you are researching changing tables, you might also be interested in baby shower games and activities...you never know about the timing of such things! So what do you really need for your changing table?  Here are a few of my favorite products: The Summer Infant 4-sided changing pad is ideal for any changing table or even a dresser you make into a changing table.  This pad was actually named by parent.guide as the best changing pad right now.  Don’t forget a cover for it! If you don’t have a traditional changing table, you may need something to fill the void of a drawer.  This nursery organizer holds everything from the diapers to the wipes to all your creams. A diaper genie is a must! Must haves   I’m a big fan of California baby products.  These are organic and smell wonderful.  This also makes a great baby shower gift.  Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! My pediatrician swears by Aquaphor  and I do too.  This is the best skin cream for babies with rashes or dry skin.  I still use this today. There are definitely strong opinions about which diapers you prefer.  I am partial to Pampers.  Here’s a tip — if you are having a baby, don’t waste a lot of money on newborn diapers –go right to size 1.  Babies are not in newborn for very long.  You may want to learn more about reusable cloth diapers — I like these. And if you want to learn more about cloth diapers, here’s some great information. I couldn’t change diapers without these!  My kids loved these toy keys.  You definitely need something to distract the babies.  Use these when your babies are teething. Organizing a changing table should work for you — so find a way to organize yours!  Your sleep deprived body will thank you!  

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