It’s crazy to think school has only been out a few days!  I feel like I have lived at least a month since we  said goodbye to kindergarten and second grade.  But here we are the first official day of summer and our schedules have taken off. Just this morning I was packing lunches, water bottles, sunscreen and oh yeah — a swimming bag.  Our first day of summer camp and my son was on his way to the pool.  I have to admit I packed the bag last night so I wouldn’t forget anything.  It’s a good thing most of our gear still fits.  Here’s what’s in my kids swimming bag this summer! How To Pack The Perfect Swim Bag This post contains affiliate links. We always start with a water friendly bag like this one.  You need to have something that will ventilate all your kiddos wet gear.  I like this one because it not completely see-through but it allows the air go get through. My son loves these pool shoes.    We use to wear water shoes like this pair  — but my son likes the convenience of the slip on shoe and he can wear these to taekwondo too. As far as beach towels go, we better have something with blue and silver on it!  My son loves the Dallas Cowboys so something like this works for him.  My daughter would prefer something like this one.  She likes something bright and girlie! My kids would rather not go swimming if they don’t have these!  I don’t remember having cool goggles like this pair.  We always had those giant swim masks that filled up with water within seconds of going under! PicMonkey Collage swimming bag1 I am obsessed with this sunscreen.  The Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Lotion 70 SPF is the best! And it smells wonderful. I love this sunscreen and it works great too. This one is water and sweat resistant and it soaks in really fast. If you like the spray, I would recommend this one! For fun my kids love, love, love these rings!  We spend hours in the pool throwing these in for them to find.  It’s a great pool game. If we are swimming at night, I don’t let my kids leave the house with one of these mosquito bracelets.  These are easy to wear and keep the bugs away. My kids are also obsessed with these!  I love Fedora hats — and now my kids like to wear these to the pool! Finally we have to go to the pool in this bathing suit set for boys!  I think it’s a must for little boys to be in a bathing suit set that includes a rash guard.  My son is very fair and he has to be covered up.  This is also a great set that has sun protection built in.  They also make these for girls — super cute! We’re all set for pool day at camp and the next time we go as a family! What’s in your kids swimming bag?  Stop by our FB page and let us know! Consider adding this swimmable mermaid tail to your pool bag this summer!

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