When The Family Picture Goes Awry

Family photos are a required part of being a mom, but often the product reflects more of real life than we plan!

I think we need to embrace reality!  They tell the story and are among my favorite pictures to look back on and giggle.

Now that doesn’t mean we don’t keep trying for that perfect harmonious family photograph!

Here are 28 family photos donated by our Facebook fans that won’t be appearing on this year’s Christmas card!


family pictures awry

1. Life is Tough

The one time when all three agreed on something.

funny baby pictures 23


It just so happened that thing we all agreed on was that we were tired of listening to mom tell us to smile.

2.  First Birthday

No cake? Are you kidding me?

baby funny pictures


Can you blame them though? It’s how I always feel when I don’t get cake. Now I just wish I had cake.

3. The Busy Family

There is just a lot going on here.

funny pics 2


But what I really want to know is– what is scarf girl pointing at? Is it a bird? A Plane?

4.  The Annual Bluebonnet Picture

Getting the yearly Texas bluebonnet picture is an adventure – fire ants, bees, highways and then getting that smile.

funny pictures 6


I once took this picture with my kids and a snake came by. A SNAKE. We decided that perfect bluebonnet picture wasn’t really in the cards that year… or any year after.

5.  Merry Christmas…

From 3/4.

funny family pictures 9

I’d still send this card out. Because it’s awesome.

6.  On The Naughty List

Being nice is just really, really hard.

funny family pics 5


I like how the guy getting his hair pulled is still smiling. Now that is good parenting right there.

7. She Touched Me!

No.  She touched me!

funny family pics 9


I’d be mad if I was the one without snacks, too.

8. Family in Action

One.  Two.  Three.  Jump!

family pics 0


Where’s the littlest girl planning to jump? On top of pink hoodie girl? That seems like a pretty solid plan.

9-10. No Siblings Were Seriously Harmed

When sitting next to each other without violence is unrealistic.

siblings hurting each other


And this is why my brother and I had a tape line down the middle of  the backseat.

11.  No Kissing!

Don’t even think about it.

don't even think about it

Naah, go for it. 🙂

12.  Pose Here and Smile!

Not all direction is well-received.

baby pic

13.  If You Come Any Closer…

It isn’t going to be pretty.


Family pics 01


14.  Act Like You Like Each Other

Hands are not for hitting.

homer pics


Someone did not get what he wanted for Christmas.

15 & 16.  Mom Needs a Photo.


family pics went wrong


17 & 18.  When the Photo is Nearly Perfect

But nearly doesn’t make it on the family Christmas card.

family pics went wrong


I am sure you can just crop that out.

19.  Not Going to Happen

This stage is set for mutiny.

family pictures funny


I’ve been there. There really is such a thing as too many candy canes.

20 & 21.  Get in the Picture with Dad

The unexplainable happens when dad is in charge.



A good photo bomb is a thing of beauty.

22& 23.  There is Always One

There is always 1 sibling that will “stand out” in the picture to make it more memorable.

siblings pictures went bad


But these are the pictures you will love years from now.

24. So Close.  Yet So Far.

What I love the best about this photo is that it is mom’s screensaver.

funny family pictures12

25 & 26.  Early Rivalry

 It all started with a punch to the nose.

funny sibling photos

27.  Easily Cropped

The happy family plus one.

funny pictures

28.  “Say Cheese”

Or ouch!!!

pictures went awry


The Not-So-Perfect Family Photo

I adore these so much!

not perfect family pictures


Wouldn’t life be better if this WAS this year’s Christmas card?

Please share your family photos gone awry by sharing them on our FB page!  We would love to highlight yours.